Sunday, 18 January 2009

Shrugging off Defeat

I tried on the red shrug again this weekend. It's too small, there's no way around it. Incidentally, I was cross with Andy because when I said that I needed someone smaller than me to give it too, he mentioned a group of 'ladies' that I interact with but he's never met and said would any of them like it. 'Oh no,' says I. 'They are all large ladies. They say things like 'How do you stay so lovely and slim.' And Andy snorted into his dinner. Snorted! I'm not a skinny little smoker any more, but I'm not a size that warranted that snort!

Well, the hunt for a small shrug wearer continues, and I just might have to knit one more. The small size so far as arm length goes, because that's just right, but the large size for width.

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