Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sick Knitting

A perfectly horrible week. Andy & I got a stomach bug, followed by a vile cold. When I did feel well enough to pick up my knitting again I'd gone wrong. My excuse is being driven demented by toothache - I thought I'd followed Meg Swanson's instructions for the knee length rib warmer, but clearly I hadn't. I wanted to make the garment a bit longer so it would fit Andy, but I'd over compensated and it was 50" around, because making it longer had made it wider as well. All that frogged yarn went in the bin. I don't actually like knitting with this yarn - it's rough and smells faintly of machine oil. It's the knitting equivalent of eating your sprouts. Once the rib warmer is done, the rest of the cone goes in the bin.

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