Saturday, 4 April 2009

Aran Yarn Arrived!

I don't have a teapot, so here's a picture of the tea cosy draped around a lamp.
The new yarn came quickly! It looks stone, rather than wheat-coloured in reality, but m-i-l has cool colouring so it'll look fine. nice big exciting parcel, but packed by a smoker, alas!

I struggled to begin the pattern, despite doing a test swatch and writing out the instructions before I started, I kept coming out two stitches wrong. I hunted on the Internet for 'People's Friend Country Casuals Patons Diploma Aran Errata' and all variations upon, but couldn't find any notes at all. The mail order chappie said (in a fruity Essex accent) that he'd sold at least 50 packs of the yarn since that pattern came out (People's Friend issue 7250 dated January 17 2009)but I guess they are all non-blogging knitters. Expert, non-blogging knitters, so they knew what to do!

Eventually I realised that the two missing stitches were the ones that should be a line of two knits running down in between the cable pattern. Once I'd added them (although I still can't find the bit in the pattern that tells you to do that) everything made sense and I was off.

I'm trying to cable without a needle, and mostly managing it now - although the crotchet hook has to stay close for the escape attempts. It's harder on Diploma Aran because it's a very smooth yarn. The vintage Aran was fuzzy and the stitches clung to one another, making me think I was getting the hang of it - I wasn't!

Because one can't email small knitted objects, I'm sending my test or prototype teapot cosy (now known as PROTOCOSY) to friend in the post.

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