Monday, 6 April 2009

Country Casuals and no Cable Needle

Some of the twists are going OK without a needle now - but some of them I'm still finding hard. There is one where you put a purl stitch behind the work - so I can't hold it down with a finger, and that one escapes occasionally, and then there's a row where you cable four, that's two in front, knit two, then knit the two off the needle, or from the space in front of the work. That one is hard as well. I think it must be the way the yarn runs to make the next stitch that makes the difference. Anyway, I'm determined to continue practising. I've just about reached the point where it is probably quicker (not tested this theory, mind you) to work without a needle and spend ages catching the occasional escapee, than it is to stop at every twist and reach for the needle.

This is going to be a long, slow knit.

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