Friday, 6 March 2009

Cinderella Shrug

Look what my fairy godmother brought me! 24 balls of cream Aran yarn (which smells and burns like wool) for £5. I just happened to walk past a charity shop and it was in the window calling to me: 'Don't give up, Cinders. You shall have a cream Aran Shrug.'

Started right away. I know the pattern off by heart now. The first attempt is on 5 mm needles and it is too tight and slightly too small. Began again on 6 mm needles.

Because there's only one strand, I decided to try cabling without a needle again. I can cross a single stitch OK, but every time it comes to three stitches, the last one pops out of the stitch and begins to unravel. I have to keep a crotchet hook and emergency cable needle close by. Much cursing on my part. Andy said: 'You have a cable needle. Why don't you use it?'
I said: 'Because it's quicker.' He gave me a long, thoughtful look and said: 'It'd be quicker to go to the shop and buy a jumper.'

Well, yes, but that's not the point, is it?

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