Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Patron Saint of Knitting

Somebody left a very odd comment - pages of Old Testament gibberish. Now, if they had left a neat prayer to the patron saint of knitting, I may well have not just read it but learnt it and said it often. In fact, I was so taken by this idea that I Googled to see if there was one. It appears not. There are several contenders, but no clear winner, so I guess I'll carry on petitioning St Jude, who is the patron saint of lost causes.

My cream Aran shrug has turned out the wrong size! Again! I cannot understand why I don't notice these things until after three week's knitting. I started a new strip, using larger needles and 5 strands of yarn, then I realised I didn't want to knit another one. Instead, I'm putting an extra strip of fabric under the arms to make it wider and knitting a ridged cuff to make it longer. And if it looks rubbish, the whole thing can go in the bin.

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