Monday, 30 March 2009

Cloud Three Meltdown

Cloud Three is complete rubbish! It is far too big. I suspect the tension/fabric/material is correct, but I've made the wrong size. I knit the large and it should be medium. I can't decide what to do. Give up. Throw this one away and risk the real yarn (£90? NOO, I'm not up to it!), look for some more practice yarn or frog this one and try again.

The sleeve that I made an inch longer by mistake shows AND affects the way that sleeve sits in the shoulder. It looks all wrong.

And look at the buttons. The first three are sewn on close to the edge and look all lumpy. The last three are sewn on further away from the edge and look fine. That's interesting and a point to remember.

I did some of the lace trim while watching Yellowstone on TV last night. I did quite well, considering I had to be alone in the house when I first did it! I went wrong after about two inches, so I put it away.

Rowan never replied to my query, I think because I mentioned I was making a test garment. It is very short sighted of them, because if I can't master the pattern, there's no way I'm buying Calmer!

Monday morning Coates got back to me straight away and they gave me the number of a mail order stockist. He said he knew exactly which pattern I meant, he'd sold about 50 packs of yarn for that jacket and would make sure I got the right colour. Very exciting. It might seem rash, launching in with the real yarn, given my track record, but if you look closely at the pattern, it is not very fitted so I think it should be right enough within several inches of tolerance. Fingers crossed anyway!

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