Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I did 16 rows before I discovered that I'd got the cable panel for the neck of the Turbulence U-necked sweater all wrong!

I was so fed up - I mean I'd pored over the diagram - written out each row before I knitted it, kept a count of the rows, worked so carefully. It looked beautiful. I was even starting to wonder if I might move on to cabling without a needle any time soon. And then I ran into trouble: the outside cable was one stitch short. Yes, I'd misread the key - some symbols are slightly wider than others - they are over four stitches. Some symbols are slightly narrow than others - they are over three stitches. Otherwise the legends are identical.

Louise's first law of knitting:

If it is possible to make a knitting mistake, Louise will make it.

I pulled it all back in a fierce temper growling: rip! rip! rip!

I should have taken a picture - it would have been interesting to compare them. But I was mad clear through and past reasoned thought.

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