Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Oh, I give up! Last night I undid the whole cable panel and sulked. I'll tell you what I did. I made the classic knitting mistake. I ignored that little voice that says, you should have 4 stitches here and you've got five. There's something not right here. Stop. Stop now BEFORE you knit another 17 rows, get to the end and then realise it's so sore you can't live with it. It was nattering me all night, but I ignored it. And I paid for it too!

I've begun a practice for my practice garment! Would that be a practice squared? Or, if it's a test for Turbulence would it be a wind tunnel? Anyway, I cast on in thick wool for the cable panel and I'm going to knit a test panel before I go back to knitting the test garment and then, and only then, will I get out the good yarn. Just as well. I would have killed Jaeger Extra Fine Merino with all this fumbling!

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