Thursday, 23 October 2008

Turbulence U-necked Sleeves

I've been knitting for days, and there's still inches to go! Well, all right, I've not had much knitting time this week. Now that I'm back on my degree course (last year! Yay!) knitting time has had to go.

I've made another mistake - these are bracelet sleeves, and I didn't measure them and measure the point on my arm where they will end and check that they cuffs would be wide enough until I'd got this far. They are tight.

Well, I know the whole sweater is turning out small, and I'm relying on the cotton stretching, and I'm NOT under any circumstances ripping and doing it again, so I'll cross my fingers!

Oh, and here's an idea! I'll finish the front, neck and shoulders, then I'll knit all the yarn that's left into the sleeves. They might get long enough to fall on the narrower part of my arm then.

Beats me why I want to knit!

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