Sunday, 12 October 2008

Take Three on Turbulence U-neck Cables

See the extra markers? I found out the hard way why the pattern told you to place markers! I didn't bother (when will I learn to stop saying that?) because the purl row you just knit all the knits and purl all the purls, why bother counting? (I must learn to stop saying that as well!!)

Because I hadn't been counting and checking the stitches of the cables on the purl row, when I did, inevitably, go wrong, I had no way of working out when, where and how. Made low growling sounds and frogged it all back.

Started again, placing markers. Forgot the famous 'AT THE SAME TIME' begin armhole shaping instructions. Made loud growling sounds and frogged it all back.

Started again. And this time I'm not doing too badly, although the stitches look pulled and lumpy, I'll have to work on that.

I'm also trying to read my knitting. I was making errors because I didn't understand why I held the stitches on the cable needle either forward or backwards. Now I'm looking at the cables as I go, thinking well, if this cable is travelling towards me, then I'll need to hold it at the front and fetch a purl stitch over this side so it can slant left, or whatever the details might be. Also, if I know that I have a row of three knit stitches and they are twisting right, then if my instructions say to work on four or two stitches, I should stop and check!

The yarn has better yardage than I thought at first - I think it will make the sleeves called for in the pattern. They are only bracelet length. I started the sleeves for some easy knitting and a rest from the cables. Bearing in mind the horrible non-matching sleeves I produced for practice Alef, I decided to go back to my old method of knitting them flat, both at the same time. If it seems to take a lot, lot longer than knitting in the round, then the answer might be double knitting. I know Lucy Neatby has a DVD on double knitting, and you can knit two sleeves in the round at the same time so that they match.

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